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Finding a software solution that fits can be a challenge for many businesses. In order to ensure that a software product meets all your needs, an in-depth assessment of software solutions currently available on the market is essential. This can be an extremely time-consuming process, which is often irreconcilable with the regular day-to-day demands of running your business.

Software solutions can essentially be classified into four types of software:

Individual custom software, such as we provide it at Convario, maximizes efficiency through software processes that are fine-tuned to suit your business and a tailored user interface. This makes the software extremely user-friendly. There is only minimal need for staff trainings. Scalability is designed as an integral part of your system from the outset. And what is more, we ensure maximum flexibility in data exchange with your pre-existing software system(s). With individual software by Convario, you get exactly what you need, no less - and what is most important - no more than your staff is ready to handle.

Enterprise Software Solutions for ERP, Project Planning, Information Management and CRM-Software often exceed the budget of smaller or middle-sized businesses, as these software solutions were designed for large companies and corporations. Accordingly, five-to-six-digit initial software license costs and high on-going direct and indirect costs for maintenance, staff training and support, are typical features of enterprise software.

Inexpensive or free standard software, such as the generally known off-the-shelf office software packages, as well as freeware and shareware programs, generally induce low initial costs.
However, more often than not, they’re not designed flexibly enough to mirror the actual workflow of your particular business. Some software of this category offers a so-called plugin-architecture or a programming language that allows experts to customize the product to specific business processes. Similar to open source software, there is always a remaining risk of unforeseen on-going costs.

Every system security update may necessitate a revision of the customized software features. This is definitely inevitable as soon as a new software framework is installed. On the other hand, the lack of an option to customize will make it impossible for your staff to organize their workflow effectively, resulting in their overall inability to work efficiently. In either case, these software products are bound to incur high indirect on-going costs; either due to a regularly recurring need to make adjustments or because they lack in scalability.

Open Source Software shares a lot of similarities with standard software. A decisive difference is the open source code, which essentially allows for any desired custom adjustment. However, if the source code is modified, the integration of new functional components or closed security gaps of the basic software with your own modification usually entails high follow-up costs. You can use the plugin-architecture or the programming language of the open source software to facilitate the adaptation of the software product to specific business processes. Yet – and this is again similar to standard software, every new security update and every new main framework necessitate additional adjustments, which in turn may involve a great deal of additional expense.

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