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Checkpoint Configuration for Smiths Detection

Development of a 3D-Checkpoint Configurator for the globally operating corporation Smiths Detection.

Aims and Objectives

A customizable airport security checkpoint should be devised in simple modular building blocks, allowing for their virtual assembly in three-dimensional surroundings and generating of corresponding Bill of Materials (BoM). The technical requirement of real-time operability needed to be combined with the ability to produce an appealing, high-quality visual result. A further specification was the need for an interface that could be intuitively used, allowing new employees to operate the configurator accurately and without delay, foregoing the need for extra training. The software is not only aimed at the employees of the manufacturer, but also at business clients.

Technical Requirements:

  • Real-Time 3D Browser-Application
  • High-Quality Imaging
  • Intuitive Use

Envisioned Company Goals:

  • Increase Market Sales
  • Simplify Quote Generation
  • Strengthen your Brand

The Convario Solution

In order to fulfill all requirements mentioned above, Smiths Detection gave us the construction data of all available single modules for remodeling to achieve the best possible combination of a high level of detail and ensured smooth access and usability. An additional real-time plausibility check controls the order in which the modules are set up. The output can then be forwarded to third-party software.

The Project at a Glance:

  • Modeling of modules to achieve the best possible results (sum of fluid imaging and high level of detail)
  • Real-time 3D-Visualization
  • Configuration with Set of Rules (Plausibility Check)
  • Calculation of Measurements
  • Intuitive Input (for international Users)
  • Data output as graphics and data

Possible Uses of the Softwaree

Visual simulation of the configured Security-Checkpoint allows end-clients to experience upfront, what their specific Security Checkpoint will eventually look like. Change requests can be instantly and comprehensibly integrated and (pre-) viewed. Measurements, surfaces and total weight are calculated simultaneously and presented to the end-client. Data can be exported in graphics and issued as Bills of Materials, facilitating their transfer to the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and other third-party software.