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Das Pflege-Portal CareIO
Care Portal
  • Consistent Medication Plan
  • Individual Need for Assistance
  • Customer-related Care Book
  • Individual CRM Backend
  • UX and UI Design
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Demand for a Comprehensive Care Portal is on the Rise

People in need of information related to quality care services look for safe and secure guidance in the form of an online care portal, which succeeds at effectively linking the needs and requirements of care-dependent people and their relatives to services offered by care providers and consultants. Convario individually programmed a portal-page called CareIO on all care-related topics.

Home Health Care Support

A specially designed configurator is the perfect assistant to help identify optimal individual care support. Based on a detailed query concerning individual care needs with reference to the level of care, the care portal CareIO puts together an overview of suitable care services and potential sources of financial support. It further offers users guidance on how to realize the maximum duration of home care. Besides specific care options and information about auxiliary support and therapeutic appliances, the register also contains contact details of local and regional specialist offices relevant to each individual user. Nursing care plans as well as advice on financial matters make it easier for portal users to select a suitable service provider for their care from a pool of care providers listed in the portal. A comprehensive network of mobile care providers, care support centers, health and care insurance companies and freelance care consultants facilitates an informed selection from a variety of options. The centralized storage of all relevant data ensures an even level of up-to-date information of all parties involved in the care process and is constantly instantly accessible in case of emergency.

Safety through Medication Plans

Convario has programed a standardized medication plan that is both observant of national guidelines and specifically designed for the integration into the care portal CareIO. In cases of concurrent intake of three or more prescription drugs, portal users are provided with a printable version of their own rule-compliant plan to present to their care provider, pharmacy or doctor and other medical professionals. The clear structure of this plan contributes to ensuring patient’s safety, for instance by preventing harmful drug interaction.

Realization by Convario

Pflege-Portal Convario programmed pages for the care portal CareIO with the goal of straightforwardly connecting those in need of care and their relatives with those who provide it, thus ensuring the comprehensive exhaustion of their rights and claims. For users, the subsequent establishment of their care needs is matched with an indication of suitable support options. In addition, care providers and consultants have access to their own specifically assigned sections. Interfaces for purposes of claims and settlements or the access to central data concerning levels of care and care needs make it easier for them to execute their responsible and demanding tasks adequately and efficiently.

The Care Portal CareIO Offers:

  • Interactive Monitoring of the general care situation and level of required care
  • Individual adjustment of services
  • Financial Support Reference Guide
  • Contact details of suitable care providers
  • Schedules for care providers
  • Patient-specific medication plan
  • Interfaces for health and care managers and consultants