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CareIO – the Care Portal

The CareIO GmbH had Convario design a portal, which enables people in need of care, and their relatives, to find suitable providers for all care services they require.

Aims and Objectives

The aim was to build a portal that could serve as an interface between care recipients and service providers. The site addresses different target groups and gives specific options to determine individual needs for assistance as well as to find providers in their region that offer the services required. It further includes a directory on funding sources and procedures for service categories, and how to best distribute funds, also allowing care consultants to plan corresponding cost calculations.
The standardized medication plans facilitate the cross-system use of data by pharmacies and medical practitioners.

Aims and Objectives at a glance:

  • Straightforward assessment of assistance and care needs
  • Transparent cost overview
  • Market place for service providers

The Convario Solution

The platform developed by Convario offers numerous individually designed input modules such as a questionnaire, calendar views or selective filters with a specific relational logic. These enable users to intuitively put together and manage their individual case-specific requirements. On the basis of daytime-specific planning, the system then performs an exact determination of all costs incurred. With the use of slider bars, spending can be adjusted to optimize the distribution of all available funds in accordance with the specific requirements at hand. Care recipients have the option to either advertise their needs to obtain corresponding offers from service providers, or to look for providers for each required service themselves. To this end, we developed a market place and a search filter, which matches suitable providers to the required services, and issues corresponding suggestions.

The Software at a glance:

  • Attractive input components
  • Intuitive cost calculation
  • Time management
  • Suitable suggestions of service providers
  • Separate view for care consultants
  • Issue of medication plans

Benefits of the Software

CareIO transparently demonstrates and explains which services and funding possibilities are available to any person in need of care or assistance. This allows care consultants or the care recipients themselves to set up individually optimized scheduling. The resulting medication plan adheres to a national standard, thus facilitating the collaboration with and between pharmacists, medical practitioners and nursing or home assistance services. Service providers gain a new and effective sales platform, through which many new contracts can be acquired.

Benefits at a Glance:

  • Information on eligible services
  • Standardized data exchange through the medication plan
  • Increased number of acquisition contracts for service providers