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Cloud Storage Equals Efficient Teamwork

If you need your data to be readily accessible to a variety of recipients, an online data storage system is the right tool for your business. Role Based Access Control and strictly regulated permissions are particularly useful data security functions for your online data storage.

Working together in the data cloud

Einsatzplanung You have personnel out in the field? An Online Storage System provides them with a centralized platform. Via the Online Cloud, your employees have ready access to the data they need, can share comments or work on documents online – from anywhere and at any time. Manage your filed company data collectively within a centralized structure that best fits your requirements. Easy access over the Internet makes your Data Cloud available anywhere. You control the guidelines for collaboration and use of information yourself. Regulated synchronization and detection of version conflicts ensures that only the latest update of all relevant data is accessible from any device.

Safeguarding your most important data

The most important principle of data security is to have separate storage locations for programs and data, as this significantly minimizes risks connected with hard- or software malfunctions. Storing your data online meets this standard, as data redundancy guarantees that no file is lost. Both up- and downloads of your data are encrypted; ensuring that everything you store online is protected from prying eyes. The user-friendly Convario Cloud Solution provides you with the option of creating online backups of your entire operating system or your separate applications and to retrieve them for restoration on your hardware at any given time.

Advantages of Online Data Storage:

  • Access to latest data via app or browser
  • Seamless and simple synchronization of data across different devices
  • Data cloud simultaneously serves as data backup
  • Team members can work from different locations
  • Real-time data exchange