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Plant Configurator
  • Touch-Support
  • Comprehensive Rules
  • Intuitive Application
  • Real-Time Calculation
  • Offline Functionality
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Checkpoint Configurator
  • Real-Time 3D Visualization
  • 3D Modeling
  • Plausibility Check
  • Dimension Calculations
  • Intuitive Input
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Component Configuration – A never-ending World of Variations in a single Product

Steadily growing competition demands the continuous development of new, adaptable and customizable products. Accordingly, the configuration of custom products from a multitude of combinable components has become an important factor in today’s economy. Employing effective component configuration software supports businesses from highly diverse sectors in increasing their sales.

Interface between Business and Clients

With the software-based configuration of products you provide users with customized and tailored product offers. By combining components according to pre-defined configuration rules, a component configurator facilitates the immediate generation of the desired results. A limitless range of possible solutions emerges from the multitude of variants and combination possibilities. Complex systems become transparent and easily accessible. The improved clarity of product variants becomes distinctly prominent through the integration of 3D visualizations. As results of the configuration process, products emerge that are not only new and unique for the user but also exact and technically correct matches to their needs and requirements.

Content Tailored to Fit Your Needs

Komponenten Konfigurator The component configurator essentially has at its core the maintenance of components as well as the configuration rules. The optionally selectable components can be construction parts or combinable individual products, options or services. The product information for the configurator is the technical data. Bills of Material and media information or marketing descriptions adequately complement the component configurator. An integrated tool for 3D visualization optimizes their usability. Businesses, whose range is rich in variants, particularly benefit from the combination with a quotation generator, which supports sales through the possibility of the instant generation of complex customized quotations for customers.

Component Configurators by Convario

Bear in mind, that a base product consisting of five (construction) parts at five variants each already comes to a total of 3125 possible end products. The Convario component configurator for your business allows you to remain in complete control over the entire range of your product variants and all related combination possibilities. Our software solution entails customized tools tailored to exactly fit your specific product needs, thus facilitating the effective reduction of your overall maintenance effort for a large number of variants.

Benefits for Your Customers:

  • Comprehensive Product Overview
  • Diverse Range of Selectable Components
  • Configuration of Products according to Individual Requirements
  • Determination of Optimal Prices
  • Reduction of Delivery Times

Benefits for Your Business:

  • Improved Choice of Products and Optimal Variant Presentation
  • Improved Customer Approach
  • Deepening Customers’ Understanding of the Product
  • Time Saving in Sales
  • Reducing the Number of Returns and Complaints
  • Increased Customer Loyalty and Retention