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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software Requirements

Customer acquisition and customer retention are pillars of a successful business. A carefully detailed Customer Relationship Management (CRM) concept impacts positively on customer relationships and, ultimately, on sales growth and revenue.

Before the Internet entered the world of business, this used to simply be called ‘customer care’ and was usually handled using four types of communication: interpersonal communication, phone conversations, letters and fax. The Internet is now an integral part of most businesses, bringing with it a multitude of new communication channels. Applications such as email, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, WhatsApp and online chats, only to name a few, have opened up a vast number of new ways of communication. Your customers want to communicate and exchange information with you through every one of those available channels. Accordingly, they relentlessly take it for granted that you are able to unfailingly meet their expectations of your ability to receive and process such data and to offer a swift and adequate response to any query.

Data integration with a CRM System

Today, you have access to a vast amount of data and information about your customers, the efficient analysis and use of which is essential to an effective management of customer relations. The integration of in- and outgoing information into the correct customer accounts is likely the most important function of any CRM software.

In particular in the case of inbound customer contacts via telephone and chat-systems, every piece of information related to the respective customer and order must be immediately accessible in the CRM System to ensure rapid and competent responses in customer service. Good software compiles, saves and allocates data, but can also identify duplicates both within existing customer data and all incoming information, and thus help prevent duplicate efforts.

CRM Software helps you manage customer contact information

Without a functional CRM System, managing customer relations effectively is hardly possible today. Customer contact information and customer account history can be effectively documented using a CRM system. Combined with a customer-focused task management, this data management strategy is a powerful tool.

This puts you in a position of being able to track interactions across all departments of your business every single time contact is initiated by a customer. Demonstrating your ability to refer back to past transactions and showing an immediate understanding of the concerns at hand shows customers just how important they are to you.

Automated follow-up with your customers means you can actively shape customer relationships. CRM software can remind to keep in contact with your customers on a regular basis, for instance on occasions such as a birthday, a complaint or a successfully completed transaction.

Gain and Retain Customers

Customer Relationship Management begins with customer acquisition. CRM software entails detailed data analysis, enabling you to target potential customers and turn them into actual customers. Made-to-measure offers and solutions promise a high conversion rate.

Successful customer retention requires comprehensive sales advice, direct customer service, und effective complaint management. The possibilities of Customer Relationship Management are manifold: Using CRM-Software allows for reliable, accurate and comfortable processing and action planning – to enhance marketing campaigns, sales, research and/or development.

Optimized Customer Relationship Management for You

Convario offers all-round advice on the development of your Customer Relationship Management and designs a custom CRM software system for you. From simple email address management to complex customer purchase history logs including a task management system using a number of communication channels: We will create the right solution for you.

Contact our team for further information, we’re happy to assist.