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Address Management

We provide specially developed address management software for a professional management of your customer base.

Point of Departure

All our client’s customer data had previously been entered, saved and managed in Excel-files. Accordingly, a great amount of effort was put into checking regularly added new address datasets for duplicates.


New addresses can be checked for duplicates at the point of import. A wider range of business data can be captured and customer relationships tracked, e.g. who added the address when, and which methods of contact have been recorded to date. It should be traceable, which addresses had been contacted over the course of campaigns, such as mailings.

Die Zielsetzung im Überblick:

  • Dublettenprüfung für importierte Adressen
  • Anlegen einer Nutzungsstatistik
  • Markierung von Adressen für festgelegte Aktionen

The Convario Solution

We created a browser-based web desktop, through which the client could access and work on an individual database. Specially developed input forms as well as configurable tabular and filter views, constitute efficient tools for customer acquisition and excellent customer service that the client can comfortably work with on a daily basis.

The Convario Service:

  • Comprehensive User Manual
  • Intuitive Application
  • Real-time Duplicate Checker