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Konfiguration Neue Eigentschaft Übersicht
Supply Configurator
  • Offer Management
  • Generation of Offer PDFs
  • Responsive Design
  • Customer Management
  • Revision-proof Changes
  • Standalone CMS
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Übersicht CMS PDF-Generierung
Plant Configurator
  • Touch-Support
  • Comprehensive Rules
  • Intuitive Application
  • Real-Time Calculation
  • Offline Functionality
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Isometrie-Ansicht Checkpoint-Ansicht Abmessungen-Popup
Checkpoint Configurator
  • Real-Time 3D Visualization
  • 3D Modeling
  • Plausibility Check
  • Dimension Calculations
  • Intuitive Input
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Online Machine Configuration

Convario designs and builds your customized all-in-one Sales and Distribution Software Solution.

In manufacturing and engineering, the employment of configurators for processes such as the assembly of motors and transmission gears is an efficient and as such process cost-effective possibility to offer the end-user a clear and rule-compliant range of complex products or complete systems. As a producer, machine configuration not only gives you the option to display extensive product catalogs or assemble complex parts, modules and other engineering products, but also enables you to produce quotations, drawings, orders or invoices instantly and on demand.

Tell us what you need

Maschinenbau Konfigurator Convario Software is tailored to your unique business needs, built to reflect your business processes and to support your sales and distribution department. It further strengthens your customer relationships through a particularly simple and straightforward sales order entry procedure. The design of offers and quotations is no longer a complex, time-consuming and communication-intensive process. Instead, your clients and customers enjoy transparency from the earliest stages onwards.

Respond to even the most specific requests

Giving your customers a high level of influence and building responses tailored to their exact needs and requirements will set you apart as a machine building company, guaranteeing you an exposed position on the market and an immense long-term advantage over your competitors. Design and build complete machinery systems from many different modules for your customer and speed up the startup procedure straight from the planning phase.
Convario gives you a customized all-in-one software solution for your sales and distribution department. Beginning with the conceptual design phase for your machine configuration software, we place particular emphasis on carefully considering and successfully integrating your unique specifications.

Contact us - our team is happy to offer advice on your specific questions and requirements.