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Fleet Management
  • Comprehensive Rules
  • Evaluation of GPS Data
  • International Usage
  • Open Street Maps Integration
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GPS Portal
  • Position Representation
  • Interactive Map
  • Refreshes Every 5 Seconds
  • Automatic Break Detection
  • Calculation of Driving Time
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Professional Fleet Management – Fast and Individual

Our modular software solution for your fleet management provides you with information on your vehicles, continuously and in real time. A modern GPS Tracking System allows you to track and monitor your vehicles on detailed maps.

Combination of software and technology

Complex fleet and mobility requirements are at the core of your business. The need for constant control of current vehicle locations as well as the use and duration of routes, necessitate careful and strategic planning to enable flexible vehicle management. A critical prerequisite for this to be successful is the constant and effective processing of a flood of incoming data, which can only be successfully accomplished when supported by the right software. What is more, the challenges to your individual fleet management can vary greatly, depending on whether your fleet consists of ships, trucks or company cars. There is also the possibility of using this management software for personal tracking needs, such as locating people with dementia or similar conditions requiring special care. Different GPS-trackers provide the real-time data necessary for the dynamic management of your company’s mobile units.

Processing complex content

Transparency for your corporate fleet is at the center of our solution for your fleet management. The bigger your fleet, the greater the benefits of using customized software. Due to the effective interlocking of communication and navigation based on GPS-technology, you can plan, manage and monitor round the clock. The integration into systems such as Open Street Maps supports real-time control. You receive significant data on distances travelled, exact operating times or stops made and addresses visited. All relevant data is processed in a way that enables you to make speedy and direct decisions.

What do you need?

Flottenmanagement Let us know, what you need for your purposes, which functions your fleet managing system needs to fulfill and which interfaces you require. Our modular design is specially customized to exactly match the criteria of the management system your business needs to reach your goals. We can adjust our flexible solutions to suit your business – whether you operate on a regional or international, centralized or decentralized level.

Add value to your business:

  • Get an overview and keep track
  • Automate processes
  • Increase efficiency
  • Reduce Operating Expenses