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ERP – Fleet Management

For a medium-sized business, we built software for the management and coordination of ships from a variety of third-party owned fleets.

Aims and Objectives

The client maintains parts of the technical infrastructure for vessels owned by a number of shipping companies. The goal is to allow end-users to view the current status of their ships at any time, get readings and enter values for each vessel.

Die Zielsetzung im Überblick:

  • Einsicht aktueller Schiffswerte
  • Eingabe von Start- und Zielhäfen

The Convario Solution

Users can access the system through a web interface, using different logins. The client can manage all customer data as administrator. End-users can track their vessels on an interactive world map and receive a multitude of information, such as ports of departure and destination, current position, various measured values of the vessel, current loads, automated notifications and warnings in cases where limits are exceeded, and so on.

Die Software im Überblick:

  • Umfassendes Regelwerk
  • Echtzeit-Auswertung von GPS-Daten
  • Internationale Benutzung
  • Einbindung Open Street Maps

Application of the Software

This system gives shipping companies instantaneous overview over their entire fleet. It allows for efficient operational planning and monitoring in real time and facilitates instant responses to issued warnings. Specific control mechanisms enable the shipping companies to deploy their vessels with the maximum efficiency possible, and thus to steer an economic course.

Die Anwendung im Überblick:

  • Unmittelbarer Überblick über die gesamte Flotte
  • Effiziente Planung und Kontrolle
  • Wirtschaftlicher Kurs durch Kontrollmechanismen