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Konfiguration Neue Eigentschaft Übersicht
Supply Configurator
  • Offer Management
  • Generation of Offer PDFs
  • Responsive Design
  • Customer Management
  • Revision-proof Changes
  • Standalone CMS
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Isometrie-Ansicht Checkpoint-Ansicht Abmessungen-Popup
Checkpoint Configurator
  • Real-Time 3D Visualization
  • 3D Modeling
  • Plausibility Check
  • Dimension Calculations
  • Intuitive Input
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Advancement Through Customized Production

Everything is subject to constant change - and the market especially so. These days, keeping your company in business requires flexibility and the ability to adequately respond to individual wishes of your customers - Because the customer is king. At the same time, you need to supply your products to as many customers as is simultaneously possible. The result is a balancing act that, all too often, is hard to manage. Convario has the solution: Mass Customization - Customized Mass Production

The Right Tool for a Flexible Business

Mass production and assembly-line production have become inevitable features of a contemporary business world that recognizes the value of these production methods. Automated processes, standardized products and low overall production costs are prominent features in all areas of consumer goods manufacturing. It is, however, very difficult to cater to individual wishes and requirements of customers in this context. These methods are simply too inflexible to fully meet individual customers’ requirements - which is exactly what is expected of a contemporary business.

Convario utilizes the innovative potential of the latest technical possibilities to make Mass Customization a reality. What sounds like a contradiction in terms at first, turns out to be a benefit to both the industry and the customer. The expert use of state-of-the-art information and communications technology (ICT) enables us, at Convario, to provide you with a comprehensive range of tools:

Custom-built Configuration Software for production, range, online configuration as well as machine- and plant constructionenables you to tailor each area of your business to the exact specific needs of your customers. Convario configurators for supply and quotation, Sales Enablement and generating lists or Bills of Materials, round off the choice of available software products.

The Customer Remains King

The advantages of Mass Customization are evident: No expenses for market research, no holding costs due to custom manufacturing. Convario can help you make the impossible reality: To manage a productive business while recognizing that the customer is king– with no compromise whatsoever. Ultimately, Mass Customization means one thing in particular: An innovative edge over competing businesses that continue to rely on conventional production methods. Taking customers and their wishes seriously guarantees your business a spot on the inside track in the race for customer satisfaction.

Advancement Through Innovation

Convario support their clients through optimal consultations, conceptual designs and technical realization. We are experts in the development of individually customized configurators. These are specially developed to from an optimal response to any particular set of problems. As this is best achieved by working closely with our clients, we make you our priority.