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Real Time Product Design

For a print shop website, we created a solution that gives customers the option of customizing four pages of a book with individual content for subsequent order.

Aims and Objectives

Our client approached us with a two-part task: On the one hand, the website was supposed to give customers the appealing option of individually configuring a print medium. On the other hand, the print shop required customized orders that are easily manageable. Additionally, it needed to be ensured, that all media uploaded by the customer, such as images and PDF-files, fulfill minimum resolution requirements and could be converted into a suitable color profile, avoiding the necessity for post-treatment.

Die Zielsetzung im Überblick:

  • Attraktives Layout
  • Übersichtliche Verwaltung von Bestellungen
  • Echtzeit-Prüfung auf bestimmte Bedingungen
  • Verhinderung von Nacharbeiten

The Convario Solution

Accordingly, we built a configurator for the previously existing website of our client. It offers the user selectable step-by-step options and features, such as the entering of texts and the upload of images. All content is immediately displayed on the product, giving the user an instant preview of how the individual content appears on the product. An automatically generated print template is first submitted to the user for approval and then to the print shop for the execution of the order.

The Software at a Glance:

  • Step-by-Step Individual Design
  • Real Time Preview on the Product
  • Printability Check
  • Registration and Project-Archiving
  • Project Management for the Print Shop

Benefits of the Software

Since the introduction of the configurator, the print shop has been receiving standardized requests that no longer require further draft approval by the customer, relieving employees of the extra pre-press workload. At the same time, projects are no longer regionally restricted, so that orders can now be realized nationwide.

Der Nutzen im Überblick:

  • Standardisierte Anfragen
  • Entlastung der Druckvorstufe
  • Mögliche Abwicklung von Projekten aus ganz Deutschland