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Product Information Management: Meet the Challenges of an ever-changing Market with above-standard Product Information

The availability of high-standard product information on a multitude of channels plays a vital role in the success of your business. Product Information Management (PIM) allows for an efficient administration and maintenance as well as the media-neutral allocation of product information. Irrespective of the sales channel, well-edited, attractive information helps ensure successful business transactions.

What is Product Information Management (PIM)?

Product Information Management In times of multichannel sales, product information and functional descriptions are a marker for success. Media-neutral storage is a prerequisite for the ability to deliver these data across all channels available to and used by your customers. Even today, over 130 known channels exist, tendency rising. The deployment of a Product Information Management System (PIM) enables you to use powerful storage as a base for your centralized, media-neutral product data administration. This system facilitates immediate editing and delivery of data to respectively selected target groups, different media and a multitude of channels.

What can PIM do?

Using a PIM System to centralize your product data prevents the distribution of inconsistent product information through different sales channels such as online shops and retail, websites and apps, print catalogs or distributing partners. Instead, you feed unified and accurate information to every channel with the additional benefit of reduced resource expenditure. Lower your costs for product data maintenance and improve data update flexibility. You can even save up to 75% of time spent on content-error correction per article in your online shop; while rich and consistent data guarantee your customers a smooth shopping experience.

Goals of PIM:

  • Improved quality of product information
  • Media-neutral administration and maintenance of product data
  • Flexible use of product information across all sales channels
  • Unified processes and short Time-to-Market (TTM)
  • Unified communication and error-reduction
  • Efficient product communication and cost reduction

What can we do for you?

We analyze your optimization potential and use the results as a base for the development of your individual PIM system, taking into consideration your most frequent suppliers and typical output channels. We create all interfaces necessary for a successful integration into your existing software systems. With Convario, you receive your PIM-System from a single source.

Prerequisites for PIM:

  • High number of products
  • Multi-variant products
  • Great amount of technical data on each product
  • Output media
  • Multiple uses of texts and images
  • Commercial data administration for a multitude of sales channels