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Product Configuration

For a renowned food manufacturer, we developed a tablet-app to be used at the Point of Sale (POS) for an advertising campaign. Users are asked a number of questions leading up to compatible product recommendations. These results can be forwarded to their e-mail accounts via the app or used as recommendations for friends and family.

Project Initiation

The client approached us with previously conceptualized content and visuals. This allowed for precise effort estimation and a speedy awarding of the project contract.

The Convario solution

To build the app we extracted interactive components such as checkboxes from the layout and designed them as interactive modules. This way, the main navigation could be enhanced by animation and a flexible structure of the user interface was possible.To evaluate answers, we implemented a set of rules, leading to either a follow-up question or a product recommendation.

Die empfohlenen Produkte werden dynamisch zueinander platziert, wodurch jede Kombination von unterschiedlichen Produkten abgebildet werden kann. Damit die Ergebnisse per Mail versendet werden können, wurde ein serverseitiges Script entwickelt und ein passendes E-Mail Template gestaltet.

The Software at a Glance:

  • Touch Support
  • Comprehensive Set of Rules
  • Intuitive Use
  • Close Collaboration

Application of the Software

The software was used by numerous passers-by at various Points of Sale. The combination of its visual appeal, straightforward instructions and enjoyable use with the convenient manageability of the tablet, motivated many users to have their product recommendations forwarded to their own accounts or as recommendations for others. The software system was an important feature of the advertising campaign and contributed significantly to its success.

Der Nutzen im Überblick:

  • Bedienung am Point of Sale
  • Motivation zur Empfehlung der Produkte
  • Wichtiger Bestandteil der Werbekampagne