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The Price Configurator – Providing Real Time Price Calculation

Customers want options. With our customized price configurator, you can instantly inform your customers on the price of the product they’ve just individually configured.

Your Customers’ Wishes in Real Time

Individually configurable products satisfy the experience-oriented component favored by the consumer. Give your customers a user-friendly option to select and configure from the existing range of product features. The price is then calculated based on the selected configuration options. Our price configurator makes it easy to calculate and offer individually generated prices in real time. Transparency and instant price calculation evoke a sense of price reliability, which strengthens customers’ trust in your business.

Examples for Application:

  • Online Retail
  • Kitchen Planning
  • Interior Design and Home Decorating Concepts
  • Private Home Construction
  • Repair and Home Improvement Services
  • Printing/Offset
  • Software Services
  • Sales
  • All other Services

Price Calculation by Convario

Preis Konfigurator Convario custom-designs your individual Price Configurator. Regardless of the shop system or configurator you use for your business, you can simply either integrate our price configurator as a module in your pre-existing software system or implement it as entirely independent software. We take different requirements into account: While a B2C shop may prioritize the retail price, a B2B Shop may favor individual price calculation, allowing for the integration of pricing-relevant features such as commission agreements, quantity rebates or graduated prices. The more complex the pricing process for your products, the more detailed the base pricing structure needs to be set up within the system. Each selectable element may be allocated an either static or dynamic price. With our software, we always meet your exact needs.