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  • Real-Time Visualization
  • Printing Feasibility Check
  • Project Management
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Checkpoint Configurator
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Realize Individual Customer Requests with Product Configuration Software

It is vital for a business to be able to react to an ever-increasing demand of individually customized products and meet specific customer needs even before production, by supplying variant and rule-compliant products to the market.

This task not only requires substantial experience with handling interdependent components but often involves time-consuming communication process with a customer and complex interdepartmental cooperation, both of which can turn into a cost-intensive and error-prone process and, ultimately, a strain on your business.

Optimizing sales and production processes

Produktkonfigurator Convario offers you a software solution to this challenge, which is tailored to your unique business. Not only will this ensure your ability to meet individual customer-specific requirements while complying with configuration rules, but also allows you to calculate production cost and provides suitable components for each individually required combination. Be it for purposes of direct distribution, your interactions with retailing partners or the end-consumer – our custom designed product configurator provides you with a multitude of functions to optimize your sales and/or production processes. Use our product configurator to ensure you gain and sustain a decisive advantage over your competitors.

An individual product configurator increases time efficiency and generates production plans from a single source. Project planning meetings with your clients become much more effective and the subsequent workload is significantly reduced.

Individual product configurators for your business

Depending on your needs, the Convario Product Configuration Software can do substantially more than ‘just’ rule-compliant processing of your products:

  • Bills of Materials (BoM)
  • 3D-drawings
  • CAD-Files

Or integrate interfaces with

  • Your Accounting
  • Your ERP-System

We are happy to integrate specified additional functions. Save time and resources and avoid extensive correspondence, by taking advantage of the Convario Product Configurator. Share the benefits of a custom design option directly with your customers and secure your lasting competitive advantage.

Our Support Team is happy to answer your questions.