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Process Planning

Plan and monitor your projects with the specially developed Convario Ticketing System.

Aims and Objectives

At Convario, the entire project management is software-based. To avoid slowing down the workflow, it is crucial that all employees – as well as clients – can operate the software intuitively, and that it offers the exact specific functions that the respective user requires. Flexible responses to individual user needs further depend upon extensibility as a key feature of the system.

Aims and Objectives at a Glance:

  • Management of Large and Small Scale Projects
  • Easy to use for employees and clients
  • Extensibility –> Extendable Functionality

The Convario Solution

Our own custom designed Project Management Tool enables project managers, to efficiently plan tasks for projects of any kind and scale, assign them with adequate effort estimation and assign them to suitable team members. Established concepts such as a Backlog or a status based process execution through a Kanban-Board offer a clearly structured view of each project. Employees enter their activities into a timesheet, which effectively contributes to a better tracking of the project’s overall economic efficiency. Dashboards and specific views for clients or the accounting department benefit the entire project team in a multitude of ways, thus facilitating a more collaborative way of working.

The Software at a Glance:

  • Client- and Project Management
  • Backlog & Kanban-Board
  • Role-Specific Dashboards
  • Time Tracking
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Client View granting restricted access and editing rights

Benefits of the Software

The deployment of this software enables the targeted assignment of each available employee and an allocation of resources within the team that ensures planning security. The quality of product development improves due to the added ability to systematically check all executed activities, before they are presented to the client. Communication is more efficient and all project stakeholders are always up to date.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Efficient Resource Planning
  • Higher Quality through improved Quality Management
  • Current Status accessible to all Stakeholders.