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Doors and Windows: From CAD to Photorealistic Image

For KOWA Holzbearbeitung GmbH Convario creates visualizations of door and window models.

Aims and Objectives

The KOWA Woodworking GmbH designs original door and window models. Up until now, these had to be built as prototypes, before they could be photographed for catalogue and website display. To make this process more efficient and cost-effective and to standardize issuing, Convario creates photorealistic images for online and catalogue use, based on previously submitted constructional design drawings.

Aims and Objectives at a Glance:

  • Prototypes are no longer required
  • Quick and effective visualization of new models
  • Cost-effective realization
  • Identical lighting and camera perspective for all models

The Convario Solution

In collaboration with KOWA design engineers, Convario developed an effective workflow to facilitate the efficient exchange of construction data, which is then used to create 3D-models. Realistic replications of relevant materials such as wood, glass or special paints and varnishes were reproduced and applied to the models. Lighting was set up for an even studio illumination, and the issuing of images optimized with view to a photorealistic display.

Die Software im Überblick:

  • Photorealistic Images
  • Future-orientated Workflow for the construction of further models
  • Consistent Illustration
  • Images can be exported in any size

Benefits of the Software

Through the introduction of the new image rendering method, the visualization process for new models has been significantly simplified. As a result, it was possible to increase the number of models to be visualized within a short amount of time. The simultaneously successful cost reduction can mainly be attributed to the fact that prototypes are now no longer required, saving the photographer from having to stage them for shooting sessions.

Der Nutzen im Überblick:

  • Cost reduction
  • Increased speed
  • Reduced work effort
  • Consistent display of products
  • Increased flexibility: All models can be issued and viewed from different angles at any time