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Resource Planning Made Easy

For the medium-sized company B&K Stadtmedien, we designed software for the development, management and coordination of poster campaign projects. The customer management function of this software solution entails address management and the management of end-client poster content. The order management function is used for the selection of outdoor advertising sites and the allocation of projects to available distribution teams. Poster sites and advertising locations are clearly visualized in a map view, built on Open Street Maps.

Aims of the Project Management Software

The German company B&K-Stadtmedien operates nationwide and specializes in the co-ordination of outdoor poster advertising campaigns. Our custom-built software solution required features, designed towards a more efficient project development, project planning and project coordination for the client. To this end, end customers should be enabled to view status and site of their posters, any time. The distributors use a mobile App on their Smartphones to upload photos of sites and work processes (pasting, damage surveys, etc.), thus documenting the entire project in real time.

Aims and Objectives at a Glance

  • Simplification of Project development, Project Planning and Project Coordination
  • Status Views for End-Customers
  • Documentation via Smartphone App

The Convario Solution

Customers can use different login data to access the system through a web interface to track progress and sites of their posters on the map. As the administrator, the client can manage end-client orders and allocate projects to available teams. Distributors can use our programed app for the photo-documentation of work processes. Data is sent to the server in real time and saved to a temporary storage space to secure all interim data in case of a failing or non-available Internet connection. Using the GPS data for the mobile device, our Project Management Software automatically places corresponding markers on the map.

The Software at a Glance:

  • Management of Client Addresses, poster themes and distribution teams
  • Real Time GPS-Data Analysis
  • Integration of Open Street Maps as Map Browser
  • Administrative User Interface
  • Responsive Design

Benefits of the Software

As a result of our custom-built Project Management Software, there are fewer customer queries, as it is now possible for end-customers to view the status of their posters and orders online. Project planning, quality management and customer support for the postings are now significantly more efficient and time-effective. Overall, the time needed per poster could be significantly reduced, freeing potential for further business development.

Technologies Used

  • App Programing for Android OS: FlashBuilder with ActionScript3 on Adobe AIR-Basis
  • Server: PHP5, MySQL5
  • PC-Client: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript