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The Sales Configurator Improves your Business Success Rate on any Market

With a technically advanced sales- and order processing procedure you can save your business both time and money. Informative and technically accurate offers for multi-variant products increase customer satisfaction while simultaneously reducing the effort spent on sales and all subsequent processes.

Successfully Optimize Sales

The sales configurator provides your customers with a comprehensive overview of the range of products and services you offer. The result is a significant drop in the number of errors and enquiries related to the preparation of proposals and quotations, as the entire product know-how is stored in the sales configurator. Ensuing production procedures are automated; customers receive their product shortly after. This makes the configurator an important tool, providing both support and adding to security in sales and distribution. In due course, the success is reflected in the notable increase in turnover and profits of your business.

Significantly Shorten your Sales Cycle

The use of a sales configurator further ensures that marketing and sales maintain constant proximity to the customer. All multi-variant products offered by your business are easily configurable as an integral part of the quotation and proposal generation process. All required sales information, as far as correct calculations based on a unified database, is instantly available and even retrievable in real-time. The fast and error-free generating of quotations for every sellable product effectively contributes to the reduction of both time and cost expenditure for your business. The entire sales process is further supported by the integrated option to assemble and generate lists of components (Bills of Materials, BoMs). The component list for every customized product is generated based on the provision of production-ready data. These remain available for future evaluation as an additional asset of an efficient archiving system for all issued component lists.

Sales Support both Online and Offline

Sales Configurator Tailored to the needs of your unique business, Convario develops the individual software for your made-to-measure sales configurator. The individual presentation of your products effectively leads to the avoidance of errors. 3D-visualization makes multi-variant and complex products of your business easily graspable for end customers. All tools integrated within the configurator are always readily accessible, independent of time or location. The Convario Sales Configurator can be integrated into your businesses pre-existing system-landscape.

Benefits for your Business:

  • Expedited and efficient generation of proposals
  • Customizable products with shorter sales cycles
  • Comprehensible product visualization to prevent errors
  • Operational scenarios geared to target group(s)
  • Strengthened sales process through integrated Bills of Materials generation
  • Increased customer satisfaction and retention