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Server Monitoring – Benefit from the Continuous Monitoring of your Systems

The constant availability of increasingly complex IT-systems is critical for the smooth running of your business. Professional software monitoring server performance metrics ensures the uninterrupted running of all systems that are vital to your business. A combination of different monitoring tools issue instant alerts in case of performance or availability issues and enable prompt responses to prevent any damage.

Anticipatory and Effective

Server-Monitoring There is hardly a business these days that can handle internal or external projects without relying on a server. If you require a stable, round-the-clock performance of your servers and networks, continuously monitoring your systems is imperative. Server failures entail costly recovery measures. Server monitoring anticipates critical conditions and enables quick and targeted troubleshooting, thus minimizing damaging effects on the system.

Server Monitoring with Professional Tools

In order for issues to be resolved, they need to be identified first. Which is why server monitoring runs 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Every time a performance deterioration or predefined bottleneck is identified, the respective person in charge receives a notification in real time. That way, it is possible to avoid any delay in troubleshooting, even in cases where problems occur outside of business hours. The administrator has versatile tools at their disposal – from monitoring the availability of email- or web-servers and the smooth running of applications to determining remaining storage capacity or component temperatures.

Individual Monitoring Software

We relieve you of any worries about server performance. With our server monitoring software, we develop an individual solution for your business. We determine all conceivable critical situations and their potential effects and reliably advise you on all related matters, always utilizing our professional experience for your benefit. Our goal is to provide you with sustainable monitoring software to effectively avoid server downtime. You will receive tools from us that exactly match the requirements of your specific application field. In case a critical situation presents itself, you receive a timely e-mail notification. As our team is notified simultaneously, we will be set and ready to support your response.

Advantages of Server-Monitoring:

  • Flexible round-the-clock Monitoring
  • Company-wide real-time Overview
  • Prevention of Performance Drains
  • Early Problem Detection/Troubleshooting
  • Real-Time Alarm
  • Risk Minimization
  • Quick Reaction Time
  • Cost Reduction