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Supply Configurator
  • Offer Management
  • Generation of Offer PDFs
  • Responsive Design
  • Customer Management
  • Revision-proof Changes
  • Standalone CMS
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Supply Configuration for Accurate Quotations

Businesses often face the challenge of having to generate and manage a multitude of quotations, proposals and offers that require fast and accurate calculation and that need to be subjected to real-time technical feasibility analysis.

It is a crucial prerequisite for the successful completion of such tasks that your sales personnel can draw from many years of technical and commercial experience, which needs to be sufficiently well-founded for them to be able to competently assess the feasibility and profitability of any business proposition.

Increase the Effectiveness of your Supply Configuration

Angebotskonfigurator Specifically with view to sales and Customer-Relationship-Management (CRM), software for accurately calculated products is an efficient method to keep the quotation process error-free and allow your customers to individualize their products of choice. A combination of:

  • Rapidity
  • Reliability
  • Planning Security
  • Utmost Individuality/Customizability

allows you to generate quotes with the highest-possible benefit to your customer and a decisive competitive advantage for you. Needs analysis and exact configuration of individual components are no longer a time-consuming, selective and downstream process, but can be put into effect „just in time (JIT)“ by your customer und reliably realized by you.

This way, complete individuality can be guaranteed, while allowing your planning security to be turned straight into customer satisfaction.

Increase your planning security and ensure reliability towards your customers

Convario supply configuration includes a predefined set of configuration rules to guide your salespeople through each sale and help them to sustainably improve both speed and effectiveness of the quotation process and, ultimately, to maximize customer satisfaction. This also helps reduce the amount of time spent on post-processing customer communication and allows salespeople to assess and give insight into the feasibility of a project on the spot. As a result, you increase your own planning security and improve your capability of fulfilling or even exceeding customers’ reliability expectations. Contact us to find out more about the Convario supply configurator and its applicability within the context of your business operations. We are happy to provide assistance with your unique problem.