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Quotation Software

For a medium-sized business we developed software that focuses on the generation of quotations and proposals for end-users.

The Problem

Our end-customer mainly sells different machine types in a variety of configurations. Previously, quotations for their clients had been generated with an ERP-solution. This ERP-solution is, however, not suitable for quotation processes, as every quote has to be created from scratch every single time. The currently used software does not support base configuration or defaults.

Aims and Objectives

The quotation configurator facilitates the allocation and recording of quotations via a web interface. The administration menu is configured to offer ‘default’ or ‘standard’ machine types that can then be used as a basis for a custom quotation. Every quotation requires the selection of a default machine type; the software subsequently issues the suitable quotation template. Over the next steps of the quoting process, the customer can configure their product using a selection of a wide range of additional options. The quotation-PDF automatically calculates the corresponding selected options for each selectable machine type. Any further relevant information and documentation are also automatically included. Sales staff can call up information on each selectable option through an Info-Icon at any point during the quotation process – both as text and images.

Die Zielsetzung im Überblick:

  • Webinterface
  • Konfiguration von Standardmaschinen
  • Erzeugung einer Angebots-PDF
  • Abrufen von Informationen für Betriebsmitarbeiter

The Convario Solution

Ensuing from an interpersonal workshop, in which all customer requirements were established, the decision was made to realize this project following the waterfall model. Accordingly, the first step was to create a detailed Product Requirements Document (PRD) and screen designs, both of which had to be coordinated with and approved by the client. On the basis of this concept, we developed the supply configuration software for PC. Due to its flexible layout (Responsive Design), however, it can also be used with tablet computers. This way, employees have the option of generating and printing accurately calculated quotations for the end-customer on site.

The customer database can be extended and modified to keep up-to-date on new and existing customers. Sales staff can generate new quotations and create proposals, or duplicate or modify existing quotation documents. Each version of each document is given a revision number and stored individually, enabling users to track changes at any time.

With our software solution, each regenerated quotation document exists as a new version and is stored and listed in a database. The built-in search and filter function can be applied to search this dynamic and exhaustive quotation database for any criteria and to view select records. The administrator has the authority to adjust both the quotation structure and the product parameters with the benefit of complete version control. The versioning of the system allows for tracking and management of changes and a return to earlier or default structural settings at any given time.

The Software at a Glance:

  • Projektumsetzung nach Wasserfallmodell
  • Responsive Design
  • Bedienung am Tablet möglich
  • Kunden- und Angebotsübersicht
  • Suchfunktion
  • Revisionssichere Änderungen durch einen Administrator
  • Versionierung

Benefits of the Software

The application of this software solution for machine configuration enables the client to generate quotations both efficiently and accurately. If any changes are made to machines, it further allows the client to simply add data to standard configurations to be able to refer back to adjusted basic configurations for future use.

Der Nutzen im Überblick:

  • Effiziente und fehlerfreie Angebotserstellung
  • Anpassung von Standardkonfigurationen