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Task Management
  • Project Management
  • Staff Management
  • Data Analysis
  • Role Allocation
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Resource Planning
  • Adress Management
  • Subject Management
  • Evaluation of GPS Data
  • Open Street Maps Integration
  • Responsive Design
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Smarten Up Your Task Management To Increase Team Productivity

From planning and managing tasks in your business, to monitoring and implementing them, team collaboration, as well as internal and external communication, are the key to accelerating the progress and improving the success of your projects. Without the support of software tailored to your business needs, this is almost impossible.

Task management as a key element

Stating and explaining tasks clearly and comprehensibly results in your team members’ improved understanding of their respective job responsibilities. A consistent documentation according to schedule and description allows for continuous monitoring of both the requirements and their realization. The extended inclusion of set dates, budgets and expense facilitates a comprehensive management of all related tasks, by giving both the executing team and the management access to all needed information at any time, enabling them to troubleshoot effectively and in time. This makes task management - often in combination with effective resource planning, an integral part of project management.

Location-independent team collaboration

A consistent and transparent task management application increases your potential to gain competitive advantage through decreased project duration and increased project success rates. A crucial factor in this is the option of internal and external stakeholders to collaborate in real time. Teams have access to files and other information as well as notes and comments at any given time and independent of their location. The optimization of communication facilitates increased efficiency. Already defined tasks can be reused and existing process know-how in your business pooled and reproduced for other teams.

Task management for your business

Aufgabenplanung Our individually programed software is customized to you business, enabling you to reduce management efforts for your project execution while simultaneously increasing transparency. Current team progress is made visible. You decide which information is accessible to which team members. Your software features the following components:

  • Centralized Database
  • Project-, Task- and Personnel data
  • Easy to Use
  • Real Time Information
  • User-specific Reports and Analyses
  • Multi-Platform Access
  • User Permissions

We adapt your customized application to be an exact fit to the unique structure of your business. You receive a goal-oriented task management tool with the utmost in flexibility possible.