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Complex Project – Simple Package

A nationwide operating German company places special POS-Stalls around various markets. This poses the challenge of managing all placements and devising flexible responses to change.

Aims and Objectives

The company needed a solution to achieve project execution with the maximum of reliability and the least amount of effort possible. So far, all attempts at a successful management based on excel files had failed. Accordingly, Convario was asked to design software that would facilitate a logical input procedure for a multitude of different details. Each employee should be able to understand, at a glance, which task they had to perform when and where. Equally, the manager should be able to see, at any time, the type and form of all current and planned projects.

Die Zielsetzung im Überblick:

  • Zuverlässige Projektabwicklung
  • Sinnvolle Gliederung vieler Details
  • Intuitive Bedienung

The Convario Solution

To this end, we designed a browser-based solution, for which a special framework was programed with JavaScript, allowing for the flexible adjustment of the data structure and the individual use of various user roles. A special input process enables the user to proceed through the system, gradually increasing the level of detail using step-by-step data entry.

The Software at a Glance:

  • Project Management with Specific Data Structure
  • Personnel Management incl. Availability Check
  • Data Analysis incl. Logbooks
  • Role Allocation

Benefits of the Software

In accordance with allocated user-roles, the software provides every employee with all the information needed to enable smooth project execution. Customers have insight into status and progress of their projects. Due to such a high level of transparency, all participants benefit from particularly stable business processes.

Der Nutzen im Überblick:

  • Darstellung aller benötigten Informationen
  • Nachvollziehbarkeit des Projektverlaufs
  • Hohe Transparenz