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The Ticketing System – Increase Transparency and Quality of Customer Communication

Employing Ticketing System Software benefits your business by facilitating the swift and efficient processing of customer queries. No message is lost. Clear and effective communication between all parties involved reduces efforts wasted on error correction, requests for change or an extension, to a minimum.

Increase your Customer Service Productivity

Ticketsystem The point where the number of support requests you receive exceeds a certain limit is exactly the right time to make the employment of a professional Ticketing System - or Issue Tracking System – a priority for your business. This way, you can avoid losing track when dealing with incoming emails or phone calls. Helpdesk Software entails useful tools to assist you with keeping ahead of incoming customer requests at all times and through all stages– from reception to confirmation to classification to processing. In addition you have continuous access to an informative running report, detailing all relevant information and the current processing status for every single support ticket issued.

Key functions of the Ticketing System

A unified Ticketing System enables you to avoid excess administrative efforts in your business. A transparent procedure of customer issue processing is a determining factor in the process of building added quality into your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and furthers an increase in productivity. Such helpdesk software systems support your customer communications with finely attuned functions. You can only achieve a support system that is satisfactory to your customers with satisfactory helpdesk tools.

Functions of the Ticketing System:

  • Entering of dysfunctions, errors or requests
  • Allocation of a unique reference number for each support ticket
  • Distribution and assignment of issues/support tickets to persons in charge
  • Automated e-mail dispatch
  • Monitoring of handling and status
  • Ensuring the observation of pre-defined internal processes
  • Statistical analysis of the number of tickets

Possibilities of Multi-Faceted Use

A multitude of sectors require a strategy for dealing with customer queries. For many businesses, success depends on how customers rate their service quality. Particular emphasis is put on reachability of customer support, swift reaction and the time-critical handling of requests.

Possible Uses of Ticketing Systems:

  • Technical projects and project management
  • IT projects managing bugs and feature requests
  • Facility and property management
  • Health Services
  • Fleet Management
  • Marketing Organizations

At Convario, we use our own Ticketing System. It supports the issue of individual and transparent quotations for our clients. We keep every client informed about effort, resources and expense assigned to each task, at any time. Convario pools and uses the experiences from our own work to benefit the development of the best possible Ticketing Systems for our clients.