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  • Project Management
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Checkpoint Configurator
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Use Variant Configuration to Create Product Variants Tailored To Customer Needs

Allow your customers the individual configuration of their chosen product. A controllable variant diversity will increase customer satisfaction by enabling you to respond to customer requests quickly and with optimally customized products. At the same time, you optimize your entire supply chain, securing yourself a significant competitive advantage.

Customization with a Variant Configurator

Today’s market is characterized by the growing demand for increasingly individualized products. As a consequence, many businesses face the challenge of constantly adapting their product development and production to customers’ needs. Customers look for customized products to stand out from the crowd - and they want to configure these products themselves. The application of a Product Variant Configurator creates exactly this possibility for your business. On the basis of a pre-defined set of rules, it interactively guides both existing and potential customers, sales and construction staff and even business partners through the variant diversity. It utilizes a selection of solutions for variant configuration, depending on each respective request and purpose: as product configurator, sales configurator, quotation generator, as construction configurator, just to name a few.

Diversity through the Product Configurator

The application of a product configurator benefits every area, where products are describable with available parameters and where manufacturing is customized. A set of rules entails the entire product information and is simultaneously accessible for all users. In addition, due to the improved exchange of information, all connective processes between customers, sales and technics/engineering departments right through to the ERP, can be effectively and efficiently supported. This way, you can only configure products that are actually producible.

Variant Configurator Software by Convario

Varianten Konfigurator Convario custom designs variant configuration software that specifically meets the needs of your business and your customers. On- or offline, it facilitates the step-by-step specification of a product, exactly as desired. This developed solution guides your customers as well as your staff interactively to a product variant that is realizable in production. At the same time, it succeeds at optimizing the configuration of your production plants and at achieving a sensible reduction of an unnecessary variety of construction parts.

Positive Effects of the Variant Configurator:

  • Configuration of Complex Products according to Customer Needs
  • Short Production- and Delivery Periods due to error-free Product Descriptions
  • Interactive Availability of Complete Product Information
  • Improvement of the Information Supply Chain
  • Increasing Variety in Product Assortment (Number of Products Offered)
  • Achievement of Higher Turnover
  • Lowered Production Cost through Modularization
  • Significant Increase in Customer Satisfaction