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Virtual Reality – a Whole New World of 3D-Visualization

Virtual Reality gives you and your customers the chance to experience products in a computer-generated environment. By letting the object appear three-dimensionally right in front of your eyes, the viewer’s perception is instantly intensified, directly enhancing their engagement with the product. Convario develops special VR-solutions, with which configured products can be virtually experienced.

What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual Reality (VR) marks the beginning of a new communication era. Modern technologies facilitate diving into the virtual reality of computer-generated worlds. High-resolution VR-visors make it possible for visitors to experience a 3D environment. The possibilities of virtual realities are limitless. Interactive content, immersive experiences of believable environments and a multitude of sensory impressions generate a lasting emotional effect on your customers.

The development of VR-visor, such as Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, made it possible to convey a sense of presence to visitors to a virtual world. They can move around in a virtual space and manipulate elements of it, as desired. 3D impressions are transmitted through data visors and a stereo headset. Users can experience an entire space by moving only their head. The additional use of innovative data gloves makes touching objects realizable, special treadmills coupled with VR technology facilitate actual walking tours around virtual spaces. The technological revolution in hardware development enables a more and more intensive involvement of the visitors’ attention and creates lasting impressions in virtual reality, like no other medium could.

What can Virtual Reality do?

Virtual Reality is best known in the entertainment sector. Its potential, however, is not nearly exhausted with games, gym equipment or simulators. Use our creative ideas to take your customers on a journey into a virtual world. Present your products as a conceptual study, visualize future developments, arrange for tours around your construction project or guide your customer around your virtual online shop. During the creation of real but unattainable spaces or a glimpse into the future, you maintain creative freedom in your design. Virtual design allows for rapid realization of any necessary changes.

Possible Applications:

  • Virtual 3D-tours for Infrastructure Projects
  • Product Configuration and -presentation
  • Process Visualization
  • Simulation and Virtual Training
  • Virtual Learning
  • Virtual Showrooms and Advertisements
  • Gaming

Virtual Reality DThere is an abundance of possible applications: A sales rep can use a VR-visor to give their clients an immediate three-dimensional impression of an individually configured product. The marketing department can simulate perspectives and perception of the product at a trade fair booth. Assembly workers and plant operators can study operational procedures and try out correct operation. Consumers can playfully engage with the product at home and share their experiences with others. Use VR-technology to enter the next level of product presentation and advance into a progressive future!

What can we offer you?

Convario VR-solutions are individually tailored to our customers. Using state-of-the-art technologies, we realize your custom software solution creating a virtual reality that meets your exact needs. Our apps are geared to integrate with Oculus Rift or HTC Vive. Sound programming skills enable us to utilize WebGL for a wide range of solutions; from the creation of animated 3D-models on various websites to a convincing performance on your smart phone. Our individual software solution for your business turns every presentation into an extraordinary experience.