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Online Configurator
  • Step-by-Step Input
  • Real-Time Visualization
  • Printing Feasibility Check
  • Project Management
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Checkpoint Configurator
  • Real-Time 3D Visualization
  • 3D Modeling
  • Plausibility Check
  • Dimension Calculations
  • Intuitive Input
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The Convario Web Configurator – Customized Product Configuration for Online-Shop and Internet

The possibilities of the Internet let the diversity and uniqueness of your company’s products come to life, allowing you to create a more tangible experience for your customers. The introduction of a web configurator gives your end customers the option of automated product customization, thus securing you a distinct competitive advantage.

The Configurator as Sales Advisor

Web Configurator Meet your customers where they feel most comfortable by giving them the opportunity to autonomously put together products according to their unique needs and wishes in a simple and straightforward way. Your customers want to reliably receive their individually configured product anywhere and at any time. Their priority is the intended purpose of use and the application value of the product. The technical details of the product only play a subordinated role. Accordingly, the web configurator automatically conducts all necessary plausibility checks in the background of the configuration process. By integrating a web configurator into your online-shop or website, you perceptibly facilitate your customers’ buying decisions.

The Configurator as a Strategic Tool

The web configurator brings even complex products to the Internet, facilitating the successful interactive visualization of all product variants, thus allowing your customers to experience their individually configured custom product in detail and immediately online. The resulting increase in product appeal gives a decisive positive impulse for the customers’ purchase decision. The web configurator becomes a strategic tool for your business – not only in the fields of marketing and sales but also for general process optimization. Due to its flexibility, the configurator can simply be integrated into existing Internet solutions and individually calibrated to seamlessly tune in with your company image. Sales promotion, service quality improvement and cost saving are the convincing advantages of this configurator that will constitute a significant asset to your company’s competitive capacity.

Suitable for Products

  • with numerous variants
  • with individual customizability
  • with custom specifications
  • with modular character
  • with a high level of required planning effort
  • with extensive explanatory requirements

The Convario Web Configurator

Convario utilizes an extensive level of experience with planning and implementing configuration tools. The web configurators we develop work directly within an Internet browser. Required explanatory texts as well as photorealistic details or videos support the online selection and specification of products. Three-dimensional and Virtual Reality displays make your products come to life, turning your existing website into an attractive and effective portal.


  • Brings customers closer to the product
  • Facilitates purchase decisions
  • Increases recognition value of products
  • Saves sales-related costs
  • Leads to competitive advantage and satisfied customers