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Window Configurator

Windows come in a huge range of different materials and styles, which can make planning and making the right decision difficult at times.

Customers who use an online window configurator have many questions. Are aluminum windows best or wooden windows better? How do the different models differ in terms of security features, heat retention and noise-reduction? And finally, there are deciding factors beyond technical features that influence customer decision processes, such as look and price. In order to be able to respond to all user questions adequately, rapidly and without delay, companies increasingly rely on a window configurator, allowing customers to configure windows suitable to their individual preferences step-by-step online.

Fenster Konfigurator A window calculator for pricing, a user-friendly guide to navigate the jungle of available configuration options and a clearly structured visualisation of results are standard expectations.

In addition to optical properties, a high-quality window configurator takes into account technical and commercial factors. Customers who configure their windows online need to know exactly what their window is going to look like in the end, which functions are realizable and what costs to expect.

Custom window configurators

Whatever the implementation of your individual window configurator may look like in the end, a custom Convario configurator entails that we develop individual, customized software with you that is tailored to perfectly suit your needs and requirements. As such, it can quickly become a central steering tool for your business. Configuration design has no limits.

Fenster Konfigurator We realize your wishes without compromise. Accordingly, you receive window configuration software that provides a sustainable tool for the optimization of your internal business processes, a flawless and professional representation and exceptional user-friendliness and customer satisfaction.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for advice on how you can use an individual window configurator to assist your customers online. We are happy to help!